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School Counseling

"At its core, Montessori education is about preparing the whole child for life. What does this entail in today’s world? It means empowering children with a foundation of wellness practices that can help them build resilience by boosting their physical, emotional, and mental health."- Barbara Murphy, PhD
"Where Montessori Meets Wellness" as published in Montessori Life

Community Mental Health Resources

To meet the social, emotional, and mental health needs of our students, CMP currently offers a comprehensive school counseling program at all school sites.  The school counseling program encompasses academic, career, and social-emotional learning, and provides guidance to students and families in these areas. CMP school counselors provide proactive lessons to all students across the network on social, emotional, and career/academic topics.  Additionally, classroom teachers teach a weekly lesson on a social or emotional skill, using a curriculum called Second Step. Topics that are addressed in this curriculum include: growth mindset & goal setting, emotion management, empathy & kindness, problem solving skills, and bullying prevention.  For more information on Second Step curriculum, please visit Second Step's website.

School counselors work closely with teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and community members to help students on their journey as life-long learners. Short-term individual counseling sessions and short-term group counseling sessions may be provided to students with social or emotional struggles that affect the student's learning. If you are concerned about your child's social-emotional wellbeing at school, please reach out to your child's teacher to discuss your concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about CMP's school counseling program please reach out to the respective counselor at your school site.

If you would like to report a safety concern such as bullying, concerns of harm to self or others, or threats, please call your school's front office, or report using this form


Mental Health Resources

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Information

Social-Emotional Resources for Children

Suicide Prevention Resources


This is a mental health poster with a signs to watch out for, coping skills, and local resources.

The content on this webpage is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of mental health professionals or other qualified health providers if your child has been identified as being at risk for harm to self or others. Call 911 for mental health emergencies or if you feel you cannot keep your child safe.

CMP School Counselors

CMP American River
April Lonero, MS, PPSC, NCC
"Ms. April"
916-864-0081 ext. 821
Also available on ParentSquare
CAP Counselor


CMP Capitol
Vera Johnson, MS, PPSC
"Ms. Vera"
916-325-0910 ext. 621
Also available on ParentSquare
AR School Counselor

CMP Carmichael
Geneva Knowles, MS, PPSC, LPCC
"Ms. Geneva"
916-971-2430 ext. 
Also available on ParentSquare

Ms Geneva

Haley Becker, MA, PPSC
"Mrs. Haley"
916-971-2430 ext. 198
Also available on ParentSquare

Mr. Haley


CMP Elk Grove
Lisa Laffan, MA, M.Ed, PPSC
"Ms. Lisa"
916-714-9699 ext. 408
Also available on ParentSquare
Lisa L Picture

CMP Orangevale
Stacey Cronin, MA, PPSC
"Ms. Stacey"
916-673-9389 ext. 228
Also available on ParentSquare
Stacey Cronin

CMP Shingle Springs
Sarah Mackey, MS, PPSC
"Ms. Sarah"
530-672-3095 ext. 719
Also available on ParentSquare
Sarah Mackey

CMP Lead School Counselor
Coral Dickinson, MS, PPSC, LPCC
916-971-2432 ext. 191
Also available on ParentSquare